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The Steady Digital Transformation of the Construction Industry

At first glance, it might appear that the speed at which most construction companies have been adopting new technological advances has been “slower than dial-up” when compared to other industries such as communications, transportation, and manufacturing. Digitalization has helped those industries transform their business models and generate new revenues. It is only in the last […]

Recognizing Hidden Hazards of Fire Soot on Electronics

Have you ever tried fixing your own electronics and appliances and ended up with extra parts? In the beginning of my career, I probably broke more electronic equipment than I ever repaired, but over the years I developed the skills needed to properly disassemble electronics and appliances as well as restore them to pre-loss condition. […]

5 tips to practicing fire safety in a commercial property

Protecting property and tenants from a fire breakout should be the number one priority of any commercial property owner. Ensuring property fire safety compliance can be an overwhelming task. Foreseeing fire safety concerns and being proactive can help you avoid major losses and costly repairs. Here are the five tips to consider when it comes […]

Understanding Mold is the Basis to Prevent Mold

Understanding mold. Mold is not a plant and not an animal. Mold is a fungi with its own unique life-style, starting from a tiny microorganism called spore. Not all fungi are as unwanted as mold. Some are great decomposers, where decomposition is wanted. Antibiotics such as Penicillin are fungi, their development is a blessing for […]

Do you know your flood risk?

According to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), everyone lives in a flood zone. Even those who don’t live near water are at risk, because anywhere it rains, it can flood. Heavy rains, clogged or insufficient drainage systems, nearby construction projects, broken water mains, and inadequate levees and dams can cause flooding that put your home and […]

Fall Roof Maintenance

1. Seasonal Fall Roof Maintenance, Protect Your Home From Trees The first thing to do when it comes to fall roof maintenance is to make sure that no tree branch is within fifty feet of your home. Trees and houses are not friends! If a tree and its limbs are even close to touching your roof, you […]

10 Tips When Water Damage Hits

Water is a powerful element. While critical to meeting basic human needs, water can also be unpredictable, relentless, and destructive. This becomes alarmingly apparent in the face of a natural disaster such as the recent Hurricane Florence. North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner, Steve Troxler, said in a statement, “This was an unprecedented storm with flooding expected to […]

Restoration vs New Construction: Advantages and Disadvantages

There are advantages and disadvantages for every piece of commercial property from hospitals to hotels when it comes to deciding whether restoration or new construction is the best choice.  All of the pros and cons need to be thoroughly evaluated before you can make the right decision. Technology is progressing at a rapid pace, some […]

Should You Remodel or Rebuild Your House?

Choosing whether to remodel your rebuild your house is like none other in the world of home improvement because of its finality. Lay the wrong bathroom flooring, even one as permanent as porcelain tile, and you can always back out of it. Tear down your entire house and you have no recourse. You might own a house that […]