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At RRC, our remediation experts are specially trained at meth and other drug lab house cleanup so that residents can live safely in their homes without having to worry about health risks.

Unfortunately, many houses and even businesses have been used to make illegal drugs. Besides meth, there are other synthetic drugs manufactured in what are called clandestine labs. Those who made the drugs may have left, but the contamination will remain in the house until it is properly removed. If your house or property was previously used to make methamphetamines or other illicit drugs, it is not safe to continue living in it as it poses a serious health risk. You may experience health issues that range from respiratory difficulties and migraines to skin irritation and rashes. However, children are especially susceptible to health issues associated with meth toxins since their bodies are small and still developing. Not to mention that younger children tend to play on the floor and usually put things in their mouths.

Our remediation teams are experts in cleaning and decontaminating drug houses to return them to their previous state. We also have home meth test kits available for purchase that you can use to check your home or property for contamination from drug labs.

For a professional consultation or to request our meth and drug lab cleanup services, please call 303.412.9999