Finding contractors who know how to handle the reconstruction or repair of damaged property is important after any structure loss. Making the wrong choice can lead to further damage and undesirable results.

Rapid Restoration & Construction can take care of both your restoration needs and your reconstruction needs. As licensed general contractors, we provide a seamless transition from restoration to reconstruction, making us the choice you can rely on for your disaster recovery needs.


RRC offers customized improvements to any space, at any capacity. Whether you need your tenant’s apartment refinished, or your lease’s commercial space updated, we can make any alterations, additions, or upgrades come to fruition.

• Floor & Wall Coverings• Common Area Painting
• Framing• Fitness Centers
• Ceilings• Partitions
• HVAC• Fire Protections
• Security• Cabinetry


When is the last time you updated your property’s clubhouse? Or your apartment complex- interior, or exterior? With trends always changing, new management taking over, and technology improving, maybe it’s time for you to update and upgrade your space. Need suggestions? Ask Rapid. Rapid is equipped with the team and knowledge to increase your properties value by adding or improving property assets such as:

• Exterior Painting• Common Area Painting
• Dog Parks / Dog Washes• Fitness Centers
• Grill Stations• Pergolas
• Fire Pits• Club House Renovations
• Mail Rooms• Bike Racks
• Fencing• Trash Enclosures


The shift in Colorado soil is one of the most common reasons for foundation failure and deterioration. Roof splits, stress cracks and more are issues that arise in properties from failed foundations. If your property or building is enduring structural problems, RRC is ready to help.

• Roofing• Catwalks
• Carports• Decking
• Balconies• Waterproofing
• Settling Foundations• Retaining Walls
• Parking Structures• Car Impacts
• Property Drainage


Have you ever gotten home, to work, or even woken up to a flood in your apartment, house, or building? The realization of valuable possessions, wall structures, and flooring being damaged by large amounts of water is devastating. While personal possessions can sometimes be unsalvageable- walls, ceilings, and floors can be repaired or replaced.  While not all floods need re-builds, if yours does, let Rapid Restoration & Construction help. We are here to make the process as easy and fast as possible to get your space back to new, if not better.

• Cabinetry• Flooring
• Framing & Drywall• Paint
• Finishes• Electrical Plumbing
• HVAC• Insulation
• Carpentry